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Hiring an event planner is a crucial step in the planification of your wedding or
event. With all it’s contact,prepare yourself to save time, energy and money!
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Event Planning

Our planning packages offers you the chance to feel good and stress-free during the whole process of planning your corporate event. We can help through every step planning your Christmas party, Brand launching, evening gathering or even anniversary. Every and any occasion is good to plan a great night out.

Let us help you with the followings: 

-Dividing your budget

-Finding the best vendors/venues in town

-Planning games during the evening

-Finding gifts to spoil your employees

-Knowing each planning step in advance

-Creating a unique event to be remembered by all

Event Coordination

Our coordination packages offers you the chance to enjoy your event and evening without any issues or problems. Our coordinator will be on site through the whole evening to make sure everything goes smoothly and perfectly. Your employees will be able to relaxe and enjoy their celebrations.

No matter the size of your business, we will help you through:

-Welcoming and taking care of your employees

-Welcoming and taking care of your vendors

-Answering any potential questions

-Coordinating important moments of the evening

-Ease communications between vendors and employees

Event Decor

Our decor & design package helps you find the perfect theme and inspiration to create a unique event. We help you open up to a world of possibilities in order to impress all of your guests on-site.

We help you through:

-Creating a unique decor

​-Creating a theme that suits your company

-Creating a room plan with your decor elements

-Organizing and setting-up your decor elements

-Renting any items needed

-Setting-up every decor element

-Making sure everything is perfect


Leave us create your perfect evening!

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