High-flavoured meals: Original ideas for your reception

[:fr]The meal is very important during a wedding! The guests are hungry and the bride and groom probably haven't eaten since the beginning of the day. Many brides and grooms aim for fancy food as a meal, which is quite okay, but this kind of food can sometimes take up a big part of the budget and guests don't eat everything that's offered, especially for the tough ones like me.

Another downside of fancy food: the portions are very small, because the larger they are, the more the wallet empties. If you can afford it and would like to have a fancy menu, go for it! You're not going to regret it!

But nothing prevents you from having fun with your menus and getting out of the mold. Let me make you salivate in front of these three original meal ideas for your reception!


In my opinion, pizza is a great winner of wedding receptions! Who doesn't like a good pizza? Not only will your guests have a satisfied stomach, but there is also something for everyone! No more worrying about accommodating vegetarians or those who don't eat gluten. Pizza is a meal that can be endlessly customized. You'll save a lot by opting for this option and everyone will have fun eating. I'm telling you, there will be no leftovers!


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What's popular about a BBQ? Burgers, of course! So why don't we bring this meal to a wedding? Not only do guests have the chance to customize their own meal, while keeping the vegetarian and gluten-free option open, but it's all done while having fun! It's a familiar meal that almost everyone loves. Your uncles can even help with the grill! Feel free to add a small side, such as fries or chips. If you're not a fan of hamburgers, you can always replace them with hot dogs! The concept remains the same and everyone is happy!


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What could be simpler and more effective than good bistro sandwiches! Be careful, do not confuse with sandwiches no crusts! We're talking about a fancy sandwich made with love. Again, very convenient to accommodate vegetarians and gluten-free! You can add the right ingredients and the trick and play! A nice little table of carefully wrapped sandwiches has never been so cute! The hearts of your guests will melt and their stomachs will thank you!


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Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd and have fun when it comes to concocting a menu. Fancy food is not the only option! The list of meals to make is long and gives way to your imagination! Take some chances and I swear it's going to be worth it!

Enjoy your meal!