We answer to all of your questions

1.Q) Tell us about your services?
1.A) Voeux d’Amour provides planification, coordination and decoration for weddings and events. We specialize in personalized service. We wish to offer you an all inclusive service to simplify your day and achieve the best wedding you could ask for.

2.Q) What does a wedding planner do?
2.A) A wedding planner is used to simplify your life. It supports you through your event and handles every planning details. It helps you divide your budget, find suppliers, create a custom schedule and helps in any way possible through the whole process. Hiring a wedding planner saves you a lot of time and energy.

3.Q) There is a coordinator at our venue. Is it necessary to hire another coordinator?
3.A) Honest answer: yes. A reception coordinator has different tasks that an external organizer. The on site planner usually takes care of the food services. Meanwhile, an external coordinator supports the course of the evening. It coordinates all the suppliers on site to ensure that everything flows well throughout the evening and also handles the guests to make sure everything goes perfectly.

4.Q) I’m in the early preparations for my wedding, but I do not know where to begin. Where do I start?
4.A) We suggest you to start with the creation and division of your budget. Since everything flows from the budget, we must know how much we are ready to before starting the planning process. We have very useful documents that can be used to help divide your budget and start the perfect planning.

5.Q) How much should we expect to pay for a wedding planner?
5.A) Since our services are custom-made, it is difficult to give a fixed price. Our role is to accommodate to your budget and offer you our best services according to your needs. We use a consultation to determine exactly what is needed on your end.

6.Q) What does a decorator do exactly?
6.A) A decorator creates a customized decor and creates a floor plan according to your number of guests and expectations. This helps with our decor inspiration. We wish to create a unique decor exceeding all of your expectations. All according to your budget!

7.Q) Do you only offer wedding planning services?
7.A) Of course not. Voeux d’Amour provides services for weddings but also for corporate events, large-scale events and events such as:

Evening type Bachelor(ette)

Wedding anniversary


Baby Shower

8.Q) What are your first steps for your services?
8.A) All our services begin with a free consultation. This meeting allows us to learn more about you and see exactly what are your expectations and needs. We then create a customized quote.

9.Q) How can a planner actually help us?
9.A) An organizer saves you a lot of time and money due to its extensive knowledge of the market and the environment. We know exactly where to look, how to divide the budget, were to save money and who to contact to get the best services. No more miscalculations and overwork planning.

10.Q) Do you offer promotions?
10.A) At Voeux d’Amour, we believe in the importance of referencing between clients. That’s why we offer a 10% discount to all couples / contractors / clients who refers us a future client.